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    Affection Stones

    Affection Stones are created by carving power words deeply into gemstones. By using this process, we have merged their intrinsic @ methaphysical effectively doubling their combines power in Affection Power Stones.
    These Affection Stone are approx. 1.5-2" Long. NO specification of stone type is available.
    For special orders and/or designs, Please contact us.    
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    Affection Stone - Abundance
    Affection Stone-Always
    Affection Stone-Angel
    Affection Stone-Assorted
    Affection Stone-Awareness
    Affection Stone-Balance
    Affection Stone-Beauty
    Affection Stone-Believe
    Affection Stone-Blessing
    Affection Stone-Clarity
    Affection Stone-Confidence
    Affection Stone-Congratulations
    Affection Stone-Connection
    Affection Stone-Courage
    Affection Stone-Creativity
    Affection Stone-Desire
    Affection Stone-Destiny
    Affection Stone-Dream
    Affection Stone-Embrace
    Affection Stone-Energy
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