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    Totem Stones

    Totem Stones are created by carving power figures deeply into gemstones. By using this process, we have merged their intrinsic @ methaphysical effectively doubling their combines power in totem power stones(R).
    These Totem Stone are approx. 1.5-2" Long. NO specification of stone type is available.
    For special orders and/or designs, Please contact us.    
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    Aligator Totem stone
    Angel Totem Stone
    Ant Totem stone
    Armadillo Totem stone
    Assorted Totem Stone
    Bat Totem stone
    Bear Paw Totem stone
    Bear Totem stone
    Beaver Totem stone
    Buffelo Totem stone
    Bull Totem stone
    Butterfly Totem stone
    Celtic Knot Totem stone
    Couger Totem stone
    Coyote Totem stone
    Crane Totem stone
    Cross Totem stone
    Deer Totem stone
    Dolphin Totem Stone
    Dove Totem Stone
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